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Respect To Our Customer
We have a team of experts who are capable of best customer dealing quality.

Distinct Customer Value
We work towards providing distinct value to our customers in every association we have with them.

Customer-Centric Partnerships
We believe that focus of partnerships with customer should be "customer" himself.

Welcome To Smartlystar Care Nidhi Ltd.
Welcome To Smartlystar Care Nidhi Limited is a Mutual Benefit Company (Nidhi) registered with the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs with its registered and corporate office in Dehradun. We accept deposits from our members/shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The funds mobilized are utilized to a great extent for advancing of Gold Loans, Property Loans. Thus, the funds are fully secured and therefore the investments with us are in very safer havens. We believe that the success of business comes from each individual's creativity and team work. We at Nidhi, stimulate the mutual growth of our members through Trust and Responsibility and in this process Smartlystar Care Nidhi Limited strives to contribute to the development of the society overall.

Welcome To Smartly STAR Care Nidhi Ltd.

Saving habits of every one members improved their quality of life and help to feel better.

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